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Publication Collections

NAFEMS has specially put together these collections of publications to provide a complete overview of a specific topic area. 

Each collection contains a selection of popular NAFEMS publications which we recommend are used together to gain a comprehensive understanding of your chosen topic. 

Our Publication Collections also offer a 20% saving on purchasing the publications separately.

  • Connections

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    Connections play an integral part in products across a wide range if industries. They are important not only with respect to structural integrity and performance of the products themselves but in the jigs, fixtures and test hardware used throughout the product manufacture and qualification process. However, connections can be difficult

  • Contact

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    Contact is an incredibly popular topic area widely used in civil and mechanical engineering fields. NAFEMS has specially selected the following publications to provide the perfect overview of contact and how to undertake its analysis: How to Undertake Contact & Friction Analysis Why Do Non-linear Finite Element Analysis? Advanced

  • Introduction to CFD

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    Gain an introduction to computational fluid dynamics with this selection of NAFEMS books. The ‘How To’ publications outline CFD theory and the latest edition of the ‘International Journal of CFD Case Studies’ provides up-to-date examples of the technology. The collection contains: How to

  • Introduction to FEA

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    The ‘Introduction to FEA’ collection offers three of NAFEMS’ most popular FEA publications, specially selected to provide an overall introduction to finite element analysis without over-complicated mathematics: Finite Element Analysis for Engineers - A Primer Knowledge Base - Don't Forget the Basics A Designer's Guide

  • Quality Assurance

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    This collection of NAFEMS publications can be used together to assist organisations in developing a quality management system: Quality Management in Engineering Simulation - A Primer for NAFEMS QSS Engineering Simulation – Quality Management Systems – Requirements Quality Management in Engineering Simulation - A Primer