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Benchmark Tests For Various Finite Element Assemblies - Thin Shells

This report on proposed benchmarks for  static finite element tests provides a continuation of the previous reports. It is a self -contained and consists of one benchmark from a set of general thin shell assemblies for testing the element accuracy in conditions of inextensional bending. This is followed by four benchmarks  from a set of axisymmetric thin shell assemblies that have been developed to test the element behaviour under various membrane and bending conditions.

All benchmarks have target figures evaluated to at least one percent accuracy, and in all cases, the typical performance of a finite element system is quoted.

A supplementary report of which this is an abridged version is available quoting other shell tests which proved too complicated for suitable benchmarks but are of educational value.



Chapter 1: Introduction

  • Presentation of the Benchmarks 
  • Benchmark Data Sheets

Chapter 2: Benchmark Set 4 -General Shell Elements

  • Introduction
  • Cylindrical shell Under Inextensional Bending
  • General Discussion of Set 4 Benchmarks
  • Figures 4.3.1 and 4.3.2

Chapter 3: Benchmark Set 6 -Thin Axisymmetric shell elements

  • Introduction
  • Axisymmetric Hyperbolic Shell under Harmonic Edge Loading in the Meridional Direction (Benchmark 6.2)
  • Axisymmetric Hyperbolic Shell under Uniform Internal Pressure (Benchmark 6.3)
  • Axisymmetric Cylindrical Shell with Hemispherical Head under Uniform Internal Pressure (Benchmark 6.7)
  • Axisymmetric Cylindrical Shell under Gravity Loading (Benchmark 6.9)
  • General Discussion of Set 6 Benchmarks
  • Figures 6.2.1 to 6.9.6


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A. Kamoulakos, D. Hitchins & G.A.O Davies

First Published - 1986

Softback Report - 53 Pages