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BENCHmark January 2004

Making the Grade

BENCHmark January 2004 Making the GradeWe have now entered the second half of the FENet project. As most readers will be aware, this is a European project, funded by the European Union, managed by NAFEMS, and with 110 organisations participating from around Europe. As a measure of the importance of this project to NAFEMS, this issue of BENCHmark contains two articles which relate directly to the FENet project.

The project has already been successful in many ways. The meetings (which are open to anyone with an interest in FEA) continue to attract a sizeable audience. Many of the delegates have commented on how beneficial they find the events to be. It is clear that those attending have established many new contacts and have been informed by the many views and sources of information that are available at the meetings.

NAFEMS is also deriving considerable benefit. FENet is extremely valuable for the future of the organisation. International links within Europe have been strengthened. In addition, some of the aims of FENet are to look at the future needs of industry, the barriers to the uptake of different analysis techniques, and the areas in which future research would be of greatest benefit. All of these are tremendously helpful for those who are currently involved in developing a new Technology Strategy Plan for the future of the NAFEMS organisation.

Tim MorrisMuch of the information and material being developed by FENet is freely available at the project web site ( ). Comments about the project findings to date, and suggestions from those outside Europe about the differences in other regions, would be very welcome.

Tim Morris Chief Operating Officer
January 2004

Articles are available to NAFEMS Members to download below. 

Knowledge Base 002 - The Importance of Mesh Convergence 2

Realistic Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

WorldWide FEA Survey

Constitutive Model Validation

FENet Durability and Life Extension Workshop Overview


CAD/FE Integration for Centrifugal Pumps


Stress Reduction in an Interstage Air Seal

Mesher Gets Teeth into Biomechanics Research

FEA Has a Real Impact on Biological Studies

Fatigue Life & Crack Growth Prediction

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