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Benchmark January 2002

Creating awareness | Delivering education | Stimulating standards


Time for Reflection

In a period of economic and political uncertainty it is tempting to dispense with the plans for the future. However, history has taught us that we need aspirations and hopes to drive us through the difficult times. Sometimes, however, we need to knuckle down and grind out solutions to our short-term dilemmas to realise our longer term goals and aspirations.

Engineering & Analysis can be like that, often there are no quick fixes and it is the attention to detail and dogged persistence which ultimately identifies viable solutions. Of course, there are new technologies emerging all the time to assist and one of the challenges we face as engineers is keeping up to date. Hopefully, we at NAFEMS can continue to make a real contribution to your ongoing Continuous Professional Development (CPD) over the next year.

So look up from time to time and make time to find out what is happening out there.

Education & Training

Benchmarks for Composites


How to Undertake Fracture Mechanics Analysis
Use of Contact Modelling In Fatigue Life Predictions
Optimisation of Machine Tool Dynamic Behaviour
Case Studies...

MOPLE Development: Prototype Courses

What's On

NAFEMS: World Congress 2003
Diary Dates:
NAFEMS: Seminars & Training Courses

What's New

Product & Project Updates

Industry Personalities

Dr Alain de Rouvary

People News

FEMSYS Appoints New Managing Director

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