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Benchmark Article Archive

  • BENCHMARK January 2019

    BENCHMARK January 2019

    Internet Of Things I n the BENCHMARK January 2019 Issue, you will find out about: Simulation Limited: How Sensor Simulation for Self-driving Vehicles is limited by Game Engine Based Simulators A Guide to the Internet of Things more

  • BENCHMARK October 2018

    BENCHMARK October 2018

    Interactive Simulation I n the BENCHMARK October 2018 Issue, you will find out about: Interactive Simulation - From Far-fetched Sci-Fi to Valuable Engineering Tool Virtual and Augmented more

  • BENCHMARK July 2018

    BENCHMARK July 2018

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning I n this Issue... Intelligent Hoarding (…or why my home is full to overflowing with books) AI in Manufacturing: How to Run Longer, Run Better and more

  • BENCHMARK April 2018

    BENCHMARK April 2018

    Digital Twins - Believe the Hype? I n this Issue... Simulation - The Brains behind Digital Twins When Data Joins Physics VMAP - A new Interface Standard for Integrated Virtual Material Modelling in more

  • BENCHMARK January 2018

    BENCHMARK January 2018

    Bringing it all Together: Multiphysics, Multiscale & Co-Simulation I n this Issue... Near-Future Directions of Multiscale & Multiphysics Modeling & Simulation Personalized Healthcare in more

  • BENCHMARK October 2017

    BENCHMARK October 2017

    Never Stop Learning I n this Issue... MECD – A catalyst for Teaching Innovation Massive Open Online Content –A Hands-on Introduction to Engineering Simulation SIMCenter - Advancing the more

  • BENCHMARK July 2017

    BENCHMARK July 2017

    The Road to Successful Optimisation I n this Issue.. Optimization Through Simulation High-Value Manufacturing: Dealing with the Unknown Engineering Design Optimisation - A Multitude of Options more

  • BENCHMARK April 2017

    BENCHMARK April 2017

    2017 NAFEMS World Congress Edition I n this Issue.. Big Questions for the Simulation Community FEA Puzzler: A Tale of Two Analysts SimReady: Assessing Manufacturing Modelling &Simulation Readiness more

  • BENCHMARK January 2017

    BENCHMARK January 2017

    Beyond Conventional I n this Issue.. Higher Order Methods Particle Methods Virtual Engineering to Ensure Excellent Customer Experiences for Life Introduction to LOTAR of Engineering Analysis and more