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CFD-Flow Simulation in Engineering

22 February 2018 
E.T.S. de Ingeniería Aeronáutica y del Espacio, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)

Complex flows are commonplace in engineering systems and the temptation to model flow regimes in their most general three-dimensional (3D) and time-variant detail seems difficult to resist. However there may be quicker, more cost-effective ways using 1D or 2D simulations, for example, to meet project objectives, and, if this is possible, the project workflow would certainly benefit from early results and reduced analysis costs. With the appropriate decisions and simulation tools, analysis quality and accuracy may even be further enhanced.

Presentations focus on industrial case studies showing what using CFD brings to a project that cannot be achieved using other methods. For example, CFD can really help in understanding flow behaviour since testing flow systems and taking measurements from them (without affecting the flow) is problematic.

Flow simulations are used in almost all sectors with many different applications and methodologies so different sectors and applications have been encouraged in order to create awareness and enhance our inter-sector discussion, collaboration and learning.

The best presentation, as voted by the NAFEMS-Iberia committee, will be offered to be published in the NAFEMS Benchmark magazine.


14:00 Registration & Coffee  
14:30 Welcome by NAFEMS-Iberia
14:35 Presentation by NAFEMS
14:45 Luis Pérez Heras NABLADOT  
  A chamber and ten thousand pipes: the challenge of simulating combustion and heat recovery in power plants
15:15 M. D’Alessio Altair  
  Pedestrian comfort analysis: May it be a concept design tool?
15:35 Antonio Almenara MSC  
  Dynamic stiffness estimation of an engine support hydrobushing
15:55 Questions & Answers
16:05 Coffee & Snacks    
16:45 Luis Lacoma & Javier Rodríguez Luis Diaz
  Principia Ikerlan
  Pressure fluctuations in railway tunnels Development of more efficient and less polluting combustion systems assisted by CFD tools
17:05 Alberto López de Arriba Escribano Armindo Guerrero
  TPF Ingenieria ITMA
  Tunnel ventilation design: 1D or 3D simulation? Fire tube boiler optimization: Combustion process simulation by means of CFD
17:25 Roberto Suárez Sierra & Andrea Morilla González J. Penalva
  AST Ingeniería CIEMAT
  Simulation and optimization of the airflow extraction system in underground stations Aplicaciones de CFDs a estudios de seguridad de contenedores de almacenamiento en seco de combustible nuclear irradiado
17:45 Questions & Answers
17:55 Access to presentation rooms
18:05 José Voit Rémi Lestriez
  Aircraft bleed air system optimization CFD as design tools in renewable energy engineering
18:25 Félix Arévalo Juan Carlos Cajas García
  Airbus BSC
  A practical approach for using complex fluid-structure schemes in the aircraft aeroelastic certification analyses Alya: A HPC multi-physics software for industrial applications
18:45 Questions & Answers
18:55 Close

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