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Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics

An opportunity to ensure that your organization gets maximum benefit from using CFD

3-Day Training Course on 3rd to 5th April 2018
organised in partnership with C4D, NAFEMS ASEAN Representative 

*course fees are stated in US Dollars (USD)

The NAFEMS Advanced CFD course provides an in-depth practical and structured understanding of the most important technical aspects of CFD simulation which are the basis for robust CFD solutions across a broad range of application areas.

The course is broken into two parts. The first part covered in the first day recaps the fundamentals of CFD and serves as an introduction to those taking up CFD and a refresher to experienced users. The second / advanced part looks at some of the more challenging CFD capabilities and applications. In particular the first day focusses on the wide range of turbulence models available in CFD software – how and why and when to use these models. The final day looks at other challenging areas such as multiphase flow and fluid structure interaction. We close the course with a discussion of steps required to perform verification and validation of the CFD solution.

Who Should Attend?

The target audience for this course is engineers and managers with limited CFD knowledge who are interested or considering to incorporate CFD in their design practices. The material that is presented is independent of any particular software package, making it ideally suited to current and potential users of all commercial and non-commercial CFD software systems.

The course is open to both members and non-members of NAFEMS.

Remarks by Previous Attendees

“Even experienced CFD users find choosing the right turbulence model a challenge. In his course on Turbulence, Kamran provided exceedingly useful and clear descriptions of the available models in most CFD codes. The course was very helpful in deciding which turbulence model should be used, to provide the best combination of accuracy and efficiency. I would strongly recommend this course to all CFD users.” Keagan Chee @NING Research

Course Program

Registration will be held on Tuesday morning between 8:30am and 9:00am, with the course starting immediately afterwards. The tutor will aim to commence the course at 9am on Wednesday and Thursday and finish by 5pm each evening. Each day there will be short morning, lunchtime and afternoon breaks, timing dependent on the tutor, venue and class.

This course program contains 2 parts that combine lectures, discussions, workshops and exercises.

Day 1 – Part 1 - Fundamentals of CFD

  • The role of CFD
  • Fluid dynamics definitions and governing principles
  • Basic Equations of Fluid Mechanics (Continuity, Momentum and Energy Equations)
  • Important phenomena & concept in fluid dynamics:
    • Fluid properties
    • Boundary layer
    • Pressure loss & recovery
    • Flow separation
    • Shocks
  • Non-dimensionalization and flowclassifications
  • CFD basics
    • Geometry and model simplification
    • Meshing and mesh quality
    • Initial and boundary conditions
    • Analysis– monitoring and convergence
    • Post processing
  • Differencing alternatives
    • Finite difference
    • Finite volume
    • Finite elements
  • Pressure based vs. density based schemes
  • Implicit vs. explicit
  • Discussions on errors and uncertainties

Day 2 – Part 2/1: CFDAdvanced Topics

  • Turbulence Modeling
    • Understanding turbulence
    • Energy cascade and vortex stretching
    • Turbulence scales
    • Turbulence simulation approaches
    • RANS time averaging 
    • Turbulence modeling 
    • First order models: One-equation & Two-equations models
    • Dealing with walls
    • Wallfunction and wall integration
    • Setting boundary conditions
    • URANS 
    • Turbulence models comparison 
    • Choosing a modeling approach
    • Largeeddy simulation 
    • Hybridturbulence models and scale resolving simulation

Day 3 – Part 2/2: CFDAdvanced

  • Fluid Structure Interaction
    • Need for CFD in structural analyses 
    • Physical and numerical coupling
    • Weak to very strong coupling
    • 1-way, 2-way, and full coupled approaches
    • Flow induced vibration problem
  • Heat transfer analysis
    • Modes of heat transfer
    • Forced vs. natural convection
    • Prandtl number and thermal boundarylayer
    • Wall boundary conditions
    • Heat transfer coefficient and Nusseltnumber
    • Periodic flows
    • Conjugate heat transfer
  • Multiphase flow modeling
    • Examples, objectives, and challenges
    • Multiphase flow classifications
    • Variables of interest
    • Eulerian methods – VOF, Mixture, and Eulerian-Eulerian Model models
    • Cavitation modeling
    • Fluid-particle coupling
    • Particulate loading – 1-way, 2-way, and 4-way coupling
  • Quality of CFD Simulations
    • Errors and uncertainties
    • Best practicefor managing errors and uncertainties
    • Validation &verification
    • CFD in design and optimization

VenueImage result for holiday inn singapore orchard city centre

Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre
11 Cavenagh Road
Tel: 65 6 7338333

Situated in the heart of Orchard Road, Singapore’s premier business and shopping district. The Holiday Inn® Singapore Orchard City Centre is only minutes away from the MRT (subway) station, with easy access to entertainment and dining spots and only 25 minutes’ drive to and from Changi International Airport. 

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Event Type: Course
Location: Singapore SE Asia
Date: April 3, 2018

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Course Tutor:
Kamran Fouladi

Read Kamran Fouladi's bio on the NAFEMS Tutors page.

Events - Cancellation Policy

Please note NAFEMS cancellation policy for all public training courses is as follows:-

  • Suitably qualified delegates may be substituted at any time prior to the start of the course

  • Bookings are accepted upon condition that either full payment is received before the course commences, or that a valid purchase order is received from a company that has a credit agreement with us

  • In the event of a delegate being unable to attend a course that they have booked upon then, NAFEMS will discuss the possibility of transferring to an alternative course. However, a suitable administration charge will be levied.

  • A refund of 50% of the course fees will be paid to delegates who cancel their booking and do not re-schedule to an alternative course, provided that the cancellation is received by NAFEMS at least four weeks in advance of the course. No refunds can be given for cancellations made after this time.

  • NAFEMS reserves the right to cancel the course, without liability, in which case all training fees will be refunded in full. However, NAFEMS cannot be held liable for any other expenses incurred by participants or their companies due to the cancellation.

NAFEMS will discuss the possibility of transferring to an alternative event/course, however an administration charge will be applicable.

For full terms and conditions, click here. This policy is subject to change.