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NAFEMS World Congress


Driving Design with Engineering Simulation

  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Multibody Dynamics
  • Discrete Element Methods
  • Boundary Element Method
  • Mesh-Free Methods
    • Particle Methods
    • Extended Finite Element
    • Lattice Boltzman
  • New and Emerging Numerical Methods
  • Co-simulation / Code Coupling
  • Structural
    • Residual Stress
    • Thermal Stress
    • Failure
    • Dynamic Analysis
    • Crash Impact
    • Contact
    • Connections & Joints
    • Buckling / Collapse
  • Fluid Flow
    • Cavitation
    • Combustion
    • Multiphase Flow
    • Turbulence
  • Acoustic
  • Electrical
  • Heat Transfer
  • Optical
  • Electromagnetics
  • Multiphysics
  • Multiscale
  • Optimisation
    • Process Optimisation
    • Size & Shape
    • Optimisation Methods
  • Postprocessing
    • Visualisation
    • Interpreting and Communicating Results
    • Error Estimation
  • Pre-processing
    • Image Based Modelling
    • Meshing
  • Stochastic / Probabilistic Methods

Implementing Simulation Confidence

  • Quantifying Business Benefits
  • Generating Confidence in Results
    • Verification & Validation
    • Code Verification
    • Uncertainty Quantification
    • Education & Training
  • Uncertainty Quantification
  • Simulation Governance
  • Simulation Maturity Levels / TRLs
  • Robust Design
  • Testing & Qualification
    • Certification by Analysis
    • Integrating Analysis & Test

Deploying your Simulation Capability

  • Automation
  • Democratisation
  • High-Performance Computing
    • Cloud Computing
    • Parallel Processing
  • Licensing
    • Opensource
    • SaaS
    • Leasing
  • CAD - CAE Integration
  • Real Time Simulation

Effective Simulation of Materials

    • Composites
    • Concrete
    • Metallics
    • Nanomaterials
    • Foam
    • Plastics
    • Rubber
    • Soil
    • Bio materials
  • Representing Material Phenomena
    • Crack Propagation / Fracture
    • Damage / Failure
    • Delamination
    • Durability & Fatigue
    • Equation of State
    • Hyper Elasticity
    • Phase Transformation
    • Plasticity
    • Viscoelasticity
  • Microstructural Modelling
  • Virtual Allowables


  • Automotive Powertrain Electrification Technology
    • Hybrid / Plug-In and Full Electrification Simulation
    • Battery Cell Development Simulation
    • Electrical motors
  • Autonomous Navigation Technology
    • Vision Imaging Analysis
    • Data Analytics
  • Life Sciences
    • Biomechanics
    • Medical Devices
    • Certification

Technical Symposia

Systems Modelling & Simulation

In a multi-domain world, simulation & analysis needs to be integrated into the overall system model in an efficient and sensible way. This symposium will examine will examine how we can drive the direction of technology development and standards in this space.

    • MBSE
    • Systems Engineering
    • Standards
    • FMI / FMU
    • Integrating different levels of simulation fidelity
    • Multidisciplinary Analysis

Digital Engineering – Should we Believe the Hype?

We’ll be looking beyond The Hype surrounding all things ‘digital’ and exploring (perhaps bracing ourselves for) the huge impact that these technologies are expected to have on the engineering industry of tomorrow.

    • Digital Twin
    • AI & Machine Learning
    • Cloud Computing
    • Industry 5.0 / Digital Manufacturing
    • Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality
    • Internet of Things

Manufacturing Process Simulation

The Congress will host a dedicated symposium on Manufacturing Process Simulation& Additive Manufacturing, covering virtual manufacturing tools within the product design and manufacturing cycle.

    • Additive Manufacturing
    • Metallic Manufacturing Process
      • Casting
      • Cutting
      • Drawing
      • Forging
      • Heat Treatment
      • Welding
    • Composites Manufacturing

Virtual Material Data Transfer in Manufacturing

Accurate engineering simulation of manufacturing processes is complicated by the many process stages involved (e.g. components made of composite material). This requires different software, simulating different processes, but maintaining a complete history of the material and product information in order to accurately predict the product behaviour. A major problem is the transfer of this material data from one stage to the next, generally requiring more non-productive work than expected in order to get the information translated from its output data form to a new input data form ready for the next simulation. To enable all software tools to become interoperable and overcome these issues the VMAP project is creating standards, methods and software tools to automize this material data transfer, taking into account material, geometric and idealization information.

This symposium, to be held in collaboration with the ITEA VMAP project (focussing on interoperable virtual material models and a seamless transfer of material data history), therefore aims to discuss interoperable issues, standards, methods and software tools related to virtual material data transfer in CAE via the following:

  • Conference presentations to be submitted by anybody working in the field, software vendors and developers, other standards groups, materials groups, etc.
  • Open discussion sessions with brief seeding presentations to be submitted by users, collaborators and developers on needs, requirements, difficulties, possible solutions, etc.
  • A VMAP workshop to show various case studies demonstrating the pilot VMAP concepts and software tools.
  • A technical workshop for software vendors and developers on the implementation of the VMAP concepts and software tools.

4th International SPDM Conference

Once again, the Congress will host the International Conference on Simulation Process and Data Management (SPDM). This industry-leading event will bring together industrial users, technology experts, academics and software vendors alike, allowing all those with an interest to take part in the only truly independent, international forum dedicated to SPDM.

  • Deployment of SPDM solutions
  • Analysis planning and reporting
  • Business processes implemented in SPDM
  • Digital threads and digital twins implemented in SPDM
  • Business value of SPDM solutions
  • Standards-based approaches in SPDM
  • Open source approaches to SPDM
  • Essential components of an SPDM solution
  • Data and process integration tools
  • Platforms for the deployment of industrialised/democratised simulation processes
  • Examples of deployment of democratised simulation applications
  • SPDM strategy
  • SPDM requirements
  • Scope of SPDM
  • Data standards

Download the preliminary agenda here



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