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NAFEMS Vendor Network

NAFEMS Vendor Network


NAFEMS is a vendor-neutral organisation, however, we recognise that it is crucial to engage with the software vendor community as they develop the very methods and tools that we all use every day. To this end NAFEMS have formed the “NAFEMS Vendor Network”.


The purpose of the vendor network is to keep our vendor members fully informed of the activities and initiatives that affect them. By being able to contact all vendors we can ensure we maintain our vendor neutral position. The vendor network also provides a direct link to NAFEMS staff including our CEO, Technical Officer and Marketing Director. These individuals welcome comment from the vendors on the direction and activities of NAFEMS. The final strand of the “NAFEMS Vendor Network” is that it provides members with of the network the ability to contact other vendor members in a non-competitive forum.

Joining the NAFEMS Vendor Network:

The only requirements on joining the “NAFEMS Vendor Network” is that you are affiliated with an organisation that is a NAFEMS member and are currently engaged in the creation, support or sale of tools used for engineering analysis and simulation. There is no limitation on the number of individuals from a single organisation who can join the network.

The group will hold a face to face meeting at most major NAFEMS events but is not intending to meet on a regular basis.

NAFEMS Vendor Network Members Include:

  • AC&E
  • Altair
  • AnalySwift
  • Aras
  • AVL
  • Beta-CAE
  • Capvidia
  • Ceetron
  • CD-adapco
  • Convergent Science, Inc
  • Dutton Simulation
  • Dynamic Design Solutions
  • EASA
  • EnginSoft
  • Engys
  • ESI
  • Esteco
  • E-Xstream
  • Fidesys
  • Granta Design
  • GRM Software Solutions
  • Harengus Physics
  • Intes
  • IntrinSIM
  • Jotne
  • Maplesoft
  • Mentor Graphics
  • METAmidas
  • MSCSoftware
  • nTopology
  • ORS Technologies Sdn Bhd
  • PTC
  • PZFlex
  • Siemens
  • SimPac
  • SimScale
  • UberCloud
  • Vanderplaats Research & Development
  • VCollab
  • Volume Graphics
  • Zentech International Limited

      For more information please contact the NAFEMS Technical Officer.