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Technical Working Groups

The technical areas of NAFEMS are coordinated by a number of specialist working groups , drawn exclusively from the NAFEMS membership. These working groups identify areas of interest to the analysis community that require new educational materials to be developed. This process is based on a combination of the results of surveys and the personal knowledge of the committee members.

An important feature of the NAFEMS publications which are subsequently produced, is that each text undergoes a rigorous examination and critique by the experts sitting on the NAFEMS technical working groups which commissioned the work. These working groups draw together a potent blend of leading academic researchers, engineering practitioners and software vendors giving a unique insight and perspective into the problem area being scrutinized.

Increasingly, working groups are becoming multi-national in their make up. From time to time, some groups are formed on a short-term basis to address specific issues with experts drawn from the most appropriate technical areas for the duration of the project.

Each of the chairmen of the technical working groups and the regional steering groups provide an overview of priorities and input to the future deliverables plan and the budgeting process for commissioning new documentation.

Overview of Technical Working Group Activities current Autumn 2017: 

Overview of Technical Working Group Activities current June 2017